Wordpress Websites

Looking for a website for your business then Wordpress websites are ideal for a small website. More »

Templates, Application Forms, Pet Forms, Thesis, Dissertations

We can design a very user friendly form or business document for you. We are experts with Word and can help your document look fantastic. More »

Audio Transcription

A professional audio transcription service that can save you time and money. More »

Excel Spreadsheet Service

From a simple spreadsheet to hold contact details to complex spreadsheets such as a Bradford Factor Calculator. More »

Ebook Conversion Service UK

We can convert your book to the kindle format or epub format. More »


UK virtual assistance and transcription services

Save money and time by outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

Providing professional services to those businesses that have more to do, than they have time!

Finding it difficult to complete all your business and executive tasks by yourself but don’t have the budget to get it done by a full time employee, Help on Tap can show you how you could be saving thousands of pounds a year.

Offering a cost effective solution that is guaranteed to be of a high standard meaning you can reap the benefits and spend the time needed to seek growth opportunities through researching new products/services and entering new markets.

At Help on Tap a virtual assistant is the creative and practical solution to the following services:

Wordpress Websites

Learning the art of creating a website can be very expensive and time consuming. In the technological world we live in today, if you do not have a website you could potentially be missing out on a number of opportunities. Although you can be successful locally without the need for a website, if you wish to outshine, it is very likely your competition will have a website.

Let the experts create a unique website that will make you stand out from the crowd.

E-book Conversions

We understand how busy authors and businesses are. Regardless of how small or large your electronic publishing needs are, we can take the necessary steps to convert your book, catalogue, novel, or even marketing material into an E-book. Our professional services ensure you receive an exact replica of your content in an E-book format.

Audio Transcription

There are many great benefits of deciding to outsource your audio transcription needs, with the main being removing the need to train your employees on how to perform this task. Let the experts carry out this specialist and rather difficult task. Fully trained with the experience and expertise to provide an accurate and low error rate dictation.

So why should you use Help on Tap?

Many areas of virtual assistance such as building websites and audio transcriptions are specialist skills that require a certain amount of training to build a basic level of understanding. Therefore it can be very costly and time consuming to take time away from the day job to train individuals to a satisfactory level. Employers should still expect a learning curve and the output will not be error free, which could potentially lead to customers going elsewhere.

Outsourcing to Help on Tap is cost effective. You may find this surprising but there are no employee overheads to consider such as rent, rates, heating, lighting and additional employer costs such as pension contributions to consider.

Help on Tap are a reliable service you can count on; contact us today to start reaping the benefits like many of our clients.

With the promise of only providing a high quality service you can be rest assured that your services are in the safe hands of your virtual helper.